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Chocolate Cake & Cupcake Mix
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rich, gourmet whole-wheat vegan chocolate cake and cupcake mix
Makes one 8-inch layer or 12 cupcakes
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Price: $4.99
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Chocolate Frosting and Fudge Mix
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The world's only vegan icing mix that give you the option of ganache-style and buttercream-style frosting in one package.

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Our gourmet cocoa is incredibly rich, and the moist and tender result has to be tasted to be believed. Our cake mix is simple to prepare with just water and a little oil, and no lengthy beating. Just stir briefly and bake. Perfect for dessert, birthday cakes for a party, cupcakes, and all celebrations and special days.

> We use only organic, unrefined, whole, unbleached sweeteners and flours. Click here to see all the ingredients.

> Our cake mix is perfect for birthdays and all celebrations and days made special. Or keep one on hand for those times when you just have a chocolate craving. Why not give a healthy dessert gift to yourself or someone you care about?

> We use more gourmet cocoa for superior flavor, and more whole-wheat pastry flour than anyone else, and all of our flours and sweeteners are organic, which reduces the diet guilt factor significantly. Both the cake and frosting mix are also surprisingly low in fat. You just add one tablespoon of your favorite non-hydrogenated oil, or applesauce, plus water.

Ingredients: Chocolate Cake Mix
Organic unrefined cane juice, finest natural dutch cocoa powder, organic whole-wheat pastry flour, organic unbleached wheat flour, non-aluminum baking powder, vital wheat gluten, real vanilla powder, sea salt.
Contains wheat gluten. Prepared in a facility that also handles tree nuts, egg and dairy products.

Instructions: Chocolate Cake Mix
Makes 1 8-inch round cake layer or 12 cupcakes. Measure 1 Tablespoon of oil, and 1-1/4 cups of water. Stir into mix just until batter turns smooth, using a spoon or spatula. There is no need to over-mix. Spray pan with non-stick spray, or line bottom with parchment paper, and pour the batter in. Tap bottom of the cake pan to release any air bubbles. Bake 25-30 minutes

Ingredients: Vegan Chocolate Icing Mix
Powdered organic unrefined cane juice, finest natural dutch cocoa powder, arrowroot, tapioca, real vanilla powder, sea salt.
Prepared in a facility that also handles wheat, tree nuts, egg and dairy products

Instructions: Vegan Chocolate Icing Mix
Let cake cool completely before frosting. To make low-fat ganache-style frosting, pour frosting mix into a large bowl. Add 1/2 cup of boiling water. Stir just until frosting turns smooth, using a spoon or spatula, scraping sides and bottom of bowl. Frost your cake immediately. The icing thickens as it cools to room temperature. If icing hardens before you finish spreading it, microwave the remaining frosting for 15 seconds to soften it (use a microwave safe bowl). Leave the frosted cake uncovered until the frosting dries.
To make buttercream-style frosting, prepare as above, then while it's still warm, whip in 1/2 cup room-temperature margarine or shortening, using a hand mixer or stand mixer. (Try to use a non-hydrogenated shorting, like Earth Balance or Spectrum Shortening.) This buttercream preparation has less than half the fat of traditional buttercream frosting.

> Our cake and frosting are also ideal if you have lactose intolerance. There is no lactose in our dairy free mixes, so they are safe for the lactose intolerant.

> Since they are egg-free and dairy-free, they are also cholesterol-free and saturated-fat free, as well as trans-fat free.

> All Goodbaker cake and frosting mixes feature simple, easy preparation with gourmet results.

> All Goodbaker mixes are kosher pareve.




  • whole ingredients
  • easy preparation
  • wholesome & delicious



  • rich, dark & fudgy
  • whole ingredients
  • low fat, great flavor



  • packed with flavor
  • whole ingredients
  • super easy to bake

Cake & Frosting


  • rich gourmet chocolate
  • whole ingredients
  • moist & delicious

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