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Q: Is it possible to make pancake batter the night before, put it in the fridge overnight and then make the pancakes with it in the morning. I'm afraid they would be too flat if I tried that.

A: Leftover pancake batter that sits in the fridge overnight will cook a little flatter the next day because the baking powder will no longer be fresh. You can compensate for this by stirring in more baking powder (try half of the original amount in the recipe) right before you cook them.

And if you are planning to do this from the beginning on a "from scratch" recipe, only mix in half the baking powder the night before, and add the rest of the baking powder, and any baking soda called for, the morning you make them.

A simpler method would be to premix the dry ingredients, and premix the wet ingredients, and keep them separate until the morning.

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