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Please note that Goodbaker is not currently making or selling mix. This site remains online as a public service. Feel free to join our mailing list to be notified in the future when we begin production again.



"Goodbaker rocks! I am telling you that EVERY SINGLE MIX is delicious. Seriously, my husband said I should no longer buy any other cookies but Goodbaker mixes. Said they were the best he's had! That is quite a compliment from a 6'4", 200 lb. cowboy!!"

— J.F. Ashland OR

"GREAT COOKIES! The entire place smells wonderful and we were all drawn like bees to honey!"

— RH, Westwood MA

"I have never in my life tasted such richness and deliciousness as I did with your products. Honestly, I liked it ten times better than when I bake with milk and eggs. My dinner guests were shocked at the wonderful taste and the rich, deep, dark chocolate of your chocolate cake mix and ganache frosting. I thank you so much for making such a wonderful product."

—Anna, Colorado

"They were delicious!!! I am now craving them and can't wait until the next batch."

— NV, Boston MA

"I tried your chococlate chocolate chip cookie & I am in love. I never even liked chocolate but now all of a sudden I can't get enough. I love your mix! Thank you!"

— Jenine, San Francisco CA

"My husband loves these cookies & won't eat any others."

— LP, Gilbert AZ

"Oh My Goodness, the brownies were incredible! You have got to find a way to let everyone know."

— DK, Boston MA

"We loved them all! The brownies were great, my son's nursery school class devoured the chocolate cookies at the Easter party, and the muffins were a big hit this morning."

— NK, Sherman Oaks CA

"The vegan cookies were FANTABULOUS! I gave some to my mom and she wants to know how to get more. Seriously, these were so much better than many of the mixes we have tried (and we have tried dozens)."

— AH, Cambridge MA

"Your products are out of this world!"

— AL, Arlington, MA

"These waffles are better than my favorite recipe — very crispy and light."

— JH, Cambridge, MA

"I want to commend you on a great product. I followed the directions exactly and got yummy gooey very chocolatey brownies. Impressive also is that it doesn't require one to have any special ingredients like soymilk in the house. Thanks."

— Bekka, MO

"I just wanted to email to let you know how much I enjoyed them.  I shared the brownies with a bunch of friends and they were so impressed.  I admit, I didn’t share the oatmeal spice cookies with anyone!  They are addictive! You’ll be hearing from me (via your website) again soon. In the meantime, keep up the good (GREAT) baking!"

— JM, Boston MA

"Thank you for a truly superb product. I just used your cake and frosting to host an emergency birthday party for my daughter. I had to serve the cake 1/2 hour after it came out of the oven. But since your frosting is pourable, it was not a problem, and all the girls thought it was "awesome!" It really saved the day."

— Mimi, Fairfax Station, VA

"Let me just tell you that this stuff is fabulous. Food of the gods kind of good and low-fat too. I'm hooked."

— Laurie

"Oh my gosh — I just made the muffins. 1/2 with blueberry and 1/2 with bannana. I ate them right out of the oven. My son will love them. You have a new steady customer. I went online and told everyone how delicious they were. Yummy!!"

— Mary

They're Gone. The whole darn bunch of them, thanks to you and your smart little mix! But I feel no worse off.

BC, Brookline MA

"I still cannot believe they are so good given what is "not" in them."

H. Peschal, Waban MA

"We would have loved these scones even if we didn't know they were good for us!"

— SC, Manchester, MA




  • whole ingredients
  • easy preparation
  • wholesome & delicious



  • rich, dark & fudgy
  • whole ingredients
  • low fat, great flavor



  • packed with flavor
  • whole ingredients
  • super easy to bake

Cake & Frosting


  • rich gourmet chocolate
  • whole ingredients
  • moist & delicious

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